Chapter 7. Structuring Data with Java


    Section 7.1.  Using Arrays for Data Structuring

    Section 7.2.  Resizing an Array

    Section 7.3.  Like an Array, but More Dynamic

    Section 7.4.  Using Iterators for Data-Independent Access

    Section 7.5.  Structuring Data in a Linked List

    Section 7.6.  Mapping with Hashtable and HashMap

    Section 7.7.  Storing Strings in Properties and Preferences

    Section 7.8.  Sorting a Collection

    Section 7.9.  Avoiding the Urge to Sort

    Section 7.10.  Eschewing Duplication

    Section 7.11.  Finding an Object in a Collection

    Section 7.12.  Converting a Collection to an Array

    Section 7.13.  Rolling Your Own Iterator

    Section 7.14.  Stack

    Section 7.15.  Multidimensional Structures

    Section 7.16.  Finally, Collections

    Section 7.17.  Program: Timing Comparisons

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