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Oakley Key Determination Protocol 2nd
object security and ACLs
object support provided by Active Directory
Offer message (DHCP)
        as risk factors
offline root CA (certificate authority)
        deciding to use dedicated hardware for
        publishing CRLs for 2nd
one-way cryptographic hashes
        running passwords through
one-way trusts (Windows NT)
online root CA (certificate authority)
OUs (organizational units)
        Account Policies at OU level
        applying SRPs at this level
        Default Domain Controller Policy and
        delegating administrative tasks
                security settings to
                security templates with Group Policy
        desktop resources, controlling
        network communications security, controlling
        securing objects in Active Directory
        vs. containers


Securing Windows Server 2003
Securing Windows Server 2003
ISBN: 0596006853
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 139

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