Key Learnings for Running a Meeting Well


  • Start when you said you would. Don’t punish the punctual.

  • Establish the meeting’s purpose. Communicate it to all. Let the purpose statement be your roadmap.

  • Tell attendees what is expected of them and why. They are responsible, too.

  • Time each segment. Appoint a timekeeper. Work within the timing guidelines.

  • Conclude the meeting by wrapping up professionally so that participants know what they have accomplished and what they are expected to do next.


  • Open with a joke; they often fail. (And what a hole to dig out of!)

  • Invite even one unnecessary person. Everyone should have a role and a responsibility.

  • Hold a meeting without every attendee understanding his or her specific role and the meeting’s purpose.

  • End a meeting late. You blow it all if you run over the time scheduled for the meeting to end. Professionals finish on time.

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