Key Learnings for Presenting Up the Management Chain


  • Refine and hone your presentation so it’s on target, clear, and interesting. Keep it short. Ten minutes. Long will kill you; short will bring applause.

  • Rehearse out loud, standing up, five times, all the way through. It will assure success. And you’ll be proud of yourself besides.

  • Make your visuals interesting. Get help. Bullet points and PowerPoint slides made up entirely of text won’t do it. They’re boring. Use pictures where possible.

  • Know your content cold. If you drop the ball when challenged, you’re dead. Your credibility will evaporate.


  • Start slowly with the thought that you’ll pick up the pace later. This never happens! If you lose your listeners early, you won’t get them back.

  • Hand out copies of your slides beforehand or your listeners will concentrate on those instead of on you during your presentation. You don’t need the competition.

  • Stray from your prepared talk. If interrupted, ask your audience to write down their questions as they come up so you can address them at the end.

  • Talk too much. Instead, surprise your listeners with succinctness, not length.

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