Lesson4.6.Viewing Details

Lesson 4.6. Viewing Details

Figure 4-9. The Project screen split between Gantt Chart view and Task Entry view.

Because Project is so powerful, it's easy to lose track of who is assigned to what task and the amount of time the task will take. It can sometimes be hard to quickly find information for a task and its resources. This lesson will show you a way to make this information more readily available.

  1. Select View Let's select a task and view its details.

  2. Select the Add narration to lessons task.

    Now let's view the details for this task.

  3. Select View The More Views dialog box appears.

  4. Select Task Entry and click Apply.

    The Task Form appears in the lower half of the Project window, as shown in Figure 4-9. In this lower window, notice that you can see task details such as assigned resources, start and finish dates, and predecessors.

  5. Select Window The Task Form disappears, and the Gantt Chart appears in the entire window.


To View Details for a Task or Resource:

  1. Select the task or resource.

  2. Select View

    Select Task Entry or Resource Entry and click Apply.

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