STEP 11 adding Flash text TO THE MOVIE

It's also possible for you to include Flash text over movie clip rollovers. The button, previously used just to define an interactive area, can also be employed to hold text or another visual element. Naturally, it's up to the artist to decide what aesthetically is appropriate, but the technique is very simple.

To overlay text on the movie video clip, follow these steps:

  1. Select the keyframe in the button layer and choose Edit > Edit Symbols.

  2. Add keyframes to the frames where you want the text to appear.

    If, for example, you want text to appear during a rollover, add a keyframe to frame 2, the Over state.

  3. Select the first keyframe where you want to add text.

  4. Select the Text tool and add the desired text.

  5. If desired, select another keyframe and add additional text.

    When you test the movie, your text appears along with your rollover or other programmed effects. As an example, I added the word "over" to frame 2 (the Over state) of my button (see figure 04:27).

    Figure 04:27.


  6. Return to the Movie Editor and drag the button layer up two layers so that it is above both the film and dave layers , as shown in figure 4:28.

    Figure 04:28.


  7. Choose Control > Test Movie. You should see the text "over" upon rollover of the button.

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