STEP 09 adding text and making use of CONTRASTING RHYTHM

If you watch this spot in action, you might notice a contrasting of rhythm. The speaker and the chip quick-cut like crazy but they are separated by slow and steady fade ups of the text. This is fantastic to me. I love to play with pace like this. This sort of subtlety can get me pretty worked up because, let's face itif I kept quick-cutting everything in the entire spot, it might appeal to a spider monkey on crack, but it would fly by most of us as yet more empty "wow" design. You can flash colors and spin stuff all you want, but my goal is to always try and move beyond the "wow" factor.

  1. Create a new Library symbol called text01.

  2. While in the symbol edit mode, select the Text tool and type intense music. Choose white from the color palette and use the Helvetica font at about 24 points.

  3. As always, center your text using the Align command (choose Modify > Align or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-K / Cmd-K). And, as always, make sure to check the Align to Page option in the Align dialog.

  4. Return to the Movie Editor (select Edit > Edit Movie or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-E / Cmd-E).

  5. Place a blank keyframe by choosing Insert > Blank Keyframe or using the shortcut F7 in frame 11 of the text layer. Drag an instance of text01 from the library to the stage and center using the Align command (see figure 03:20).

    Figure 03:20.


  6. Add a keyframe (using the shortcut F6) in frame 17 of the text layer.

  7. Tween the two frames by clicking any of the frames between them and choosing Modify > Frame or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-F / Cmd-F. Select the Tween tab and then choose Motion from the drop-down menu. This will tween, or interpolate , any differences between the keyframe in frame 11 and the keyframe in frame 17. At this point nothing would happen, simply because both keyframes are identical. You'll apply differences in the following steps.

  8. Select the first keyframe (frame 11) and use the Modify > Transform > Scale and Rotate command to scale the text down to 30%.

  9. Now lower the Alpha setting to 0 through the Modify > Instance command.

  10. Add keyframes (using the shortcut F6) to frames 23 and 28 and tween them.

  11. Select the keyframe in frame 28 and scale it up, then alpha it down to 0.

  12. Add a blank keyframe (using the shortcut F7) in frame 29. Your Timeline should resemble the one shown in figure 03:21.

    Figure 03:21.


Try playing the animation. First, rewind it by choosing Control > Rewind or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-R / Cmd-Alt-R. Now, choose Control > Play or simply press your Enter key. You should have a quick-cut sequence of the speaker, which leads to the fade up of the text. The text will then sit on the stage for a second and burst off, fading up and out. This is cool because it gives the viewer a chance to read the message while at the same time establishing a contrasting rhythm in the spot. Also, try playing around with your frame ratebump it up to 18 by choosing Modify > Movie.

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