<cfpop server = "servername"          port = "port_number"          username = "username"          password = "password"          action = "action"          name = "queryname"          messageNumber = "number"          uid = "number"          attachmentPath = "path"          timeout = "seconds"          maxRows = "number"          startRow = "number"          generateUniqueFilenames = "boolean"> 


Retrieves and deletes email messages from a POP mail server.


server (Required)

The POP server identifier, as a host name ( or as an IP address (

port (Optional)

Default: 110. The POP port.

username (Optional)

Default: anonymous. A username.

password (Optional)

Password that corresponds to a username.

action (Optional)

Default: getHeaderOnly

  • getHeaderOnly. Returns message header information only.

  • getAll. Returns message header information, message text, and attachments if attachmentPath is specified.

  • delete. Deletes messages on POP server.

name (Required if action = "getAll" or "getHeaderOnly")

Name for index query.

MessageNumber (Required if action = "delete")

Enables retrieval of a specific message or a list of messages. If this attribute is not specified, all messages on the server are retrieved.

uid (Required if action = "delete")

Retrieves or deletes a specific UID(s) or a comma-delimited list of UIDs. Invalid UIDs are ignored.

attachmentPath (Optional)

If action = "getAll", enables attachments to be written to a directory. If this value is invalid, no attachment files are written to the server.

timeout (Optional)

Default: 60. Maximum time, in seconds, to wait for mail processing.

maxRows (Optional)

Default: 999999. The maximum number of messages that can be returned starting with the startRow number. If messageNumber is specified, this attribute is ignored.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. First row number to get. If messageNumber is specified, this attribute is ignored.

generateUniqueFilenames (Optional)

Default: No. If Yes, used for avoiding naming conflicts when downloading attachments by creating unique names for files.

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