<cfldap server = "server_name"           port = "port_number"           username = "name"           password = "password"           action = "action"           name = "name"           timeout = "seconds"           maxRows = "number"           start = "distinguished_name"           scope = "scope"           attributes = "attribute, attribute"           filter = "filter"           sort = "attribute[, attribute]..."           sortControl = "nocase" and/or "desc" or "asc"           dn = "distinguished_name"           startRow = "row_number"           modifyType = "REPLACE" or "ADD" or "delete"           rebind = "Yes" or "No"           referral = "number_of_allowed_hops"           secure = "multi_field_security_string"           separator = "separator_character"           delimiter = "delimiter_character"> 


Provides an interface to a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server, such as the Netscape Directory Server.


server (Required)

Host name or IP address of LDAP server.

port (Optional)

Default: Port 389

username (Required if secure = "CFSSL_BASIC")

User ID.

password (Required if secure = "CFSSL_BASIC")

Password that corresponds to username. If secure = "ColdFusionSSL_BASIC", then the password is encrypted.

action (Optional)

Default: query

  • query. Returns LDAP entry information only. Requires name and start attributes.

  • add. Adds LDAP entries to the LDAP server.

  • modify. Modifies LDAP entries, except for the distinguished name (dn) attribute on the LDAP server.

  • modifyDN. Modifies dn attribute for LDAP entries on the LDAP server.

  • delete. Deletes LDAP entries on the LDAP server.

name (Required if action = "Query")

Name of the LDAP query.

timeout (Optional)

Default: 60. Maximum length of time in seconds to wait for processing to occur.

maxRows (Optional)

Maximum number of entries for LDAP queries.

start (Required if action = "Query")

Distinguished name of an entry to be used to start a search.

scope (Optional)

Default: oneLevel

  • oneLevel. Entries one level below starting entry.

  • base. Only the entry.

  • subtree. Entry and all levels below it.

attributes (Required if action = "Query/Add/ModifyDN/Modify") For queries, this should be a comma-delimited list of attributes to return. For action = "add" or "modify", you can specify a list of update columns. Separate attributes with a semicolon. For action = "ModifyDN", ColdFusion passes attributes to the LDAP server without syntax checking.

filter (Optional)

A filter to limit search criteria when action = "query".

sort (Optional)

Attribute(s) by which to sort query results. Use a comma-delimited list for multiple sort criteria.

sortControl (Optional)

Default: asc. Combinations of sort types are also valid. For example, sortControl = "nocase, asc".

  • nocase. Case-insensitive sort.

  • asc. Ascending (A to Z) case-sensitive sort.

  • desc. Descending (Z to A) case-sensitive sort.

dn (Required if action = "Add/ModifyDN/Modify/delete")

Distinguished name for an update action.

startRow (Optional)

Default: 1. Used with action = "query". First row of LDAP query to insert into a ColdFusion query.

modifyType (Optional)

Default: replace. You cannot add an attribute that is already present or that is empty.

  • add. Appends it to any attributes.

  • delete. Deletes it from the set of attributes.

  • replace. Replaces it with specified attributes.

rebind (Optional)

Default: No

  • Yes. Attempts to rebind referral callback and reissue query by referred address using original credentials.

  • No. Referred connections are anonymous.

referral (Optional)

Number of hops allowed in a referral. A value of 0 disables referred addresses for LDAP.

secure (Optional)

Security to employ and required information:

  • CFSSL_BASIC. certificate_db

  • CFSSL_BASIC. Provides V2 Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and server authentication.

  • certificate_db. Certificate database file.

separator (Optional)

Default: , (comma). Used by query, add, and modify actions by CFLDAP to output multivalue attributes using the specified delimiter to separate attribute values.

delimiter (Optional)

Separator for attribute name-value pairs.

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