Chapter 17. Common Application Development Requirements


As cutting edge as we might want to be, there are some elements of web applications that developers find themselves writing and implementing again and again with each new web site or web application that they build. The most common development requirements include the following:

  • Application security

  • Content management

  • E-commerce

  • Personalization

Of course, there are applications out there that you can purchase to keep from having to write these application elements from scratch, but you'll probably spend as much time figuring out the code in the application as you would writing the program yourself. I'm not saying that commercial applications are not the way to go for some developers they can give you a good idea of how to implement your own solution.

In this chapter, we give you a high-level overview of application security, content management, e-commerce, and personalization. We also show you how you can implement each in your applications.

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