Add Other Content to the Start Menu

It's also possible to edit the properties of the Start Menu so that additional content appears. One of the most useful procedures for advanced users of Windows XP Professional is the ability to display the Administrative Tools. Using the default settings, these Administrative Tools shortcuts are only accessible through the Control Panel.

To do so, you will need to do the following:


Right-click the Start Menu, click Properties, and then from the Start Menu tab, click Customize.


Click the Advanced tab, and under Start Menu Items, scroll all the way down the list to the System Administrative Tools heading. Click either the "Display on the All Programs menu" or the "Display on the All Programs Menu and the Start Menu" option to enable the Administrative Tools set of menu shortcuts, as shown in Figure 5-16.

Figure 5-16. Displaying Administrative Tools on the Start Menu.

Simpler now? Of course! You can now navigate to the Administrative Tools without having to open and close the Control Panel each time. And remember, you can always rearrange the Administrative Tools shortcuts within the Start Menu so that you can easily access the most commonly used tools.

You can also add other content to the Start Menu by using the procedure just outlined. You had to scroll through many of these content options on your way to find the Administrative Tools options, so hopefully you noticed that you can control whether these items display:

Control Panel


Help and Support

My Computer

My Documents

My Music

My Network Places

My Pictures

Network Connections

Printers and Faxes

Run Command


An Important Note About Dragging and Dropping

You might have also noticed that most of these options are enabled already. Also of significance here is the ability to "Enable dragging and dropping." If this option is left unchecked, it pretty much renders all previous advice about dragging and dropping moot.

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