Start Menu and the Classic Theme

As you learned earlier in this chapter, you can also rewind the clock and change the louder, brighter colors of XP's Luna interface to the stately, understated, Cornflower-Blue-and-Gray of Windows 2000. To quickly review:


Right-click on the Desktop and choose Properties.


Using the Themes tab, choose the Windows Classic theme from the drop-down dialog box. Click Apply or OK to commit the changes.

I'm pointing this out because when you change to the Windows Classic interface, the Start Menu in use will not be affected. Even though the Start Menu may look a little different, as shown in Figure 5-13, the behavior will still depend on the options that you've chosen in configuring the Properties of the Start Menu, not the Windows Theme. In other words, you can still use the XP Start Menu even when using the Windows Classic Theme.

Figure 5-13. The XP Start Menu with the Classic Theme.

Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
Spring Into Windows XP Service Pack 2
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