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Apple Pro Training Series: Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System: A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production
By Sean Cullen, Matthew Geller, Charles Roberts, Adam Wilt
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: October 13, 2005
ISBN: 0-321-26871-7
Pages: 912

Table of Contents  | Index

   Contributing Writers
   Getting Started
      The Methodology
      System Requirements
      Copying the Lesson Files
      Companion Web Site
      About the Apple Training Series
      Apple Pro Certification Program
   Using Final Cut Pro in Real World Workflows
      Lesson 1.  Introduction to Online and Offline Editing
      Basic Principles of Offline and Online Editing
      Online Editing in SD and HD
      Offline Editing
      Choosing Between Online and Offline Workflows
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 2.  Setting Up for Online and Offline Workflows
      Typical Formats
      Selecting a Medium
      Selecting Hardware
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 3.  Gathering and Editing Video
      Organizing Projects
      Gathering Media
      Changing Resolutions
      Reconnect Clips
      Playback and Performance
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 4.  Gathering and Editing Film
      Traditional Film Workflow
      Organizing Film Projects
      Cinema Tools
      Film in Final Cut Pro
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 5.  Distributing Video Projects
      Sharing Projects
      Outputting Your Project
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 6.  Distributing Film Projects
      Cinema Tools Lists
      The Final Conform
      Lesson Review
   Fundamentals of Video Standards and Hardware Primer
      Lesson 7.  Video Standards and Fundamentals
      Video Fundamentals
      Color Television
      Digital Video
      Standard-Definition Standards
      High Definition
      Codecs and Compression
      Wrappers and File Formats
      Audio for Video
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 8.  Hardware and Interfaces
      Computer Systems
      Video Interfaces
      Audio Interfaces
      Timecode and Control
      Analog Video Formats
      Digital Video Formats
      High Definition Formats
      Analog Audio Formats
      Digital Audio Formats
      Measurement Tools
      Offboard Processors
      Capturing Video and Audio
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 9.  Storage Overview
      Hard Drive Basics
      Drive Interfaces
      Storage Architectures
      Performance and Capacity
      Lesson Review
   Configuring Final Cut Pro and Managing Your System
      Lesson 10.  Configuring Mac OS X
      Improving Final Cut Pro Performance
      Customizing Your Mac OS X System
      Mac OS X Administration
      System Preferences Checklist
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 11.  Configuring Final Cut Pro
      Installing Final Cut Pro
      Priming Final Cut Pro
      Working Efficiently with Final Cut Pro
      Uninstalling Final Cut Pro
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 12.  Managing Final Cut Pro
      Administrating Project Files, Preferences, and User Data
      Managing Media Files
      Reestablish a Project
      Lesson Review
   Integrating Your System
      Lesson 13.  Implementing Stand-Alone Uncompressed Systems
      The Implementation Process
      Planning Your System
      Installing Hardware
      Installing/Updating Storage Drivers and Software
      Volume Creation
      Installing FCP (If Necessary)
      Installing Capture Device Drivers
      Configuring FCP for Your New Hardware
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 14.  Integrating FCP Systems into Networks
      Understanding Mac OS X File Formats
      Using File Servers
      Sending Files over the Internet
      Working with Files from Proprietary Systems
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 15.  Xsan Implementation
      Planning the SAN
      Installing the SAN
      Optimizing FCP on Xsan Systems
      Lesson Review
   Troubleshooting Final Cut Pro
      Lesson 16.  Introduction to Troubleshooting
      Primary Troubleshooting Questions
      Narrow the Search
      Eliminating the Obvious: Quick Fixes
      Eliminating Environmental Factors
      Practical Search Methodologies
      Troubleshooting Remotely
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 17.  Lesson: Operational Troubleshooting: Video and Audio Issues
      Solving Dropped Frame Problems
      Intermittent Dropped Frames During Capture or Playback
      Consistent Dropped Frames During Capture or Playback
      Consistent Dropped Frames Only During Capture
      Consistent Dropped Frames Only During Playback
      Solving Audio and Video Sync Issues
      Audio and Video Progressively Out of Sync
      Audio and Video Consistently Out of Sync
      Solving Audio Distortion Problems
      Audio Artifacts Occur During Playback
      High Audio Levels During Playback
      Playback Unaffected by Audio Filters
      Audio Sounds Tinny During Playback
      Solving Field Tearing Problems
      Solving Luminance and Color Space Problems
      Luma and Chroma Clamping
      Color Space Differences
      Solving Still Image Issues
      Image Sizing and Scaling Issues
      Scaling and Interlace Artifacting
      Photoshop Image Problems
      Lesson Review
      Lesson 18.  Operational Troubleshooting: File, Format, or Device Errors
      Solving Missing Scratch Disk or Offline File Problems
      Missing Scratch Disk
      Offline Files at Launch
      Problems Importing Audio Files from CDs
      Solving Problems of Missing Audio or Video Output
      Missing or Impaired A/V Output
      Missing or Impaired Video Output
      Partially or Entirely Missing Audio Output
      Solving FireWire Connectivity Problems
      Nonmounting FireWire Drive
      Dropped Frames with Daisy-Chained FireWire Drives
      Lack of Communication with FireWire Deck or Camera
      Capture Interruptions and Failures over FireWire
      Solving 24P DV Capture and Pulldown Issues
      Render Errors
      Pulldown Errors
      Solving Application-Level Errors and System Failures
      Error Alert
      Unexpected Quit
      System Hang or Kernel Panic
      Lesson Review
   Appendix Final Cut Studio Workflows

Apple Pro Training Series. Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System. A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production
Apple Pro Training Series. Optimizing Your Final Cut Pro System. A Technical Guide to Real-World Post-Production
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