Chapter Two. Working with Documents

In InDesign, a document is an individual file that contains the layout for a publicationan advertisement, brochure, newsletter, book chapter, or magazine article, for example. When you create a document, you specify fundamental aspects of the publication, such as the page size, margins, and number of columns. These settings can be saved as document presets so you can quickly and consistently create documents with the same settings.

In this chapter you'll learn to create, open, close, save, and navigate documents. Once you create a document, you enter the workspace known as the document window. The window displays the pages of your publication along with a variety of layout and navigational aids. Within the window, InDesign provides convenient options for navigating through pages, changing the view scale, and previewing the output. For ease in file management, InDesign allows you to save metadata such as keywords and creator names with documents. You'll learn to work within the document window, change the view, preview output, and save metadata as well.

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