Section 89. Exporting a Book for PDF or Print

#89. Exporting a Book for PDF or Print

An advantage to working with books rather than juggling multiple documents is that you can output all the documents in a book at once. This includes preflighting, collecting files for output, exporting to PDF, and printing. Before working with output options, be sure all the documents are available (not open by other users or missing), all the linked graphic files are available, and all the necessary fonts are active.

You can output selected documents in a book or all the documents. To work with all the documents, click in the blank area at the bottom of the Book palette to deselect all the documents. To select individual documents, Command-click (Mac OS) or Ctrl-click the document names; to select a continuous range of documents, use Shift-click. To access the output options for books, click the Book palette menu (Figure 89):

  • Preflight Book: This checks the documents' fonts, images, colors, and more to make sure they're ready for output. See #94 for more information.

  • Package Book: This submenu lets you choose Book For Print or Book For GoLive, and will collect all the necessary files, including documents, fonts, and linked images. See #94 for more information.

  • Export Book to PDF: This lets you output all the selected documents in the book as a single PDF. If you checked Create PDF Bookmarks in the Table of Contents dialog box, the PDF will already have links in it. See #95 for more information.

  • Print Book: This opens the Print dialog box so you can print a hard copy of the book. See #98 for more information about printing. In addition to choosing Print Book, you can click the Print the Book button at the bottom of the Book palette.

Figure 89. The Book palette menu provides options for outputting all the documents in the book with the same settings. These include preflighting, collecting files for output, exporting the book to PDF, and printing the book.

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