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Illustrator [See Adobe Illustrator.]
images [See also black and white images; ; experimenting with, threshold images.]
     adding borders to stock
     adding filenames to PDF
     adjusting canvas size for
     applying adjustment layers to different
     applying two Channel Mixers to
     blurring selectively
     burned-in edges of
     combining slide show images in one document
     combining warm and cool tones in
     contracting pixel size of
     converting to black-and-white with Threshold
     creating PDF slide show for viewing only
     creating small border around 2nd 3rd 4th
     defining border brush from textured
     editing with adjustment layers
     inserting in slide mount
     inserting layer below copied
     making path visible around edges
     making photo look old
     noise added to 2nd 3rd
     sampling color of 2nd
     saving as grayscale
     simulating infrared simulation
     using in two sizes
InDesign contact sheets [See Adobe InDesign contact sheets.]
infrared simulation
Inner Shadow layer style
     layer masks
     selected highlights
iStockphoto.com 2nd

Photoshop Finishing Touches
Photoshop Finishing Touches
ISBN: 0321441664
EAN: 2147483647
Year: N/A
Pages: 129
Authors: Dave Cross

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