The _fpclass Folder Is Not Visible in FrontPage


I've inserted a Database Results page, but I am unable to see the _fpclass folder in my Web site.

The _fpclass folder is a hidden folder that is only visible if you have configured the Web site to show hidden files and folders. Select Tools, Site Settings and click the Advanced tab. Place a check in the Show Hidden Files and Folders check box and click OK. When asked to refresh the Web site, click Yes. You should now be able to see the _fpclass folder.

Files Aren't in the _fpclass Folder

I have inserted some database results, and I can see the _fpclass folder, but there are no files in it.

FrontPage doesn't add any files into the _fpclass folder until your pages are saved. Save your page, and the files needed for your database results will be added automatically.

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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003
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