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Real World: Adobe Creative Suite 2
By Sandee Cohen, Steve Werner
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Pub Date: June 09, 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-321-33412-4
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-321-33412-1
Pages: 736

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   Preface: Why This Book Is Different
    Chapter 1.  Introducing Adobe Creative Suite 2
      The Road To Creative Suite
      What's In The Box?
      Installing, Uninstalling, and Updating
      Getting Help
      System Requirements
      You're Ready To Work
    Chapter 2.  Which Application Does What?
      Photographic Projects
      Other Long Documents
      Enterprise Documents
      Design Projects
      Art and Illustrations
      Web Pages and Web Graphics
      Choices, Choices, Choices
    Chapter 3.  View from the Bridge
      Browsing Through Your CS2 Files
      Making Bridge Your File Manager
      Mastering Metadata
      Using Bridge with Other CS2 Applications
      Accessing Adobe Stock Photos
      Using Bridge Center as a Portal to Your CS2 Workflow
      Trying New Workflows
    Chapter 4.  Pixels and Raster File Formats
      Where Do Pixels Come From?
      Pixel Essentials
      Working with Pixels and Raster Files
      Saving Pixels
      Getting Pixel Smart
    Chapter 5.  Getting to the Point of Vector Graphics
      Are Vectors Better Than Pixels?
      Using the Adobe Pen
      Other Vector Drawing Tools
      Working with the Pathfinder Commands
      Special Vector Features in the Suite Applications
      Moving Paths between Applications
      Vectors in Unexpected Places
      Saving and Exporting Vectors
      Walking Down the Vector Path
    Chapter 6.  Type Magic
      Using Fonts in Adobe Creative Suite
      OpenType Fonts A Format for the New Millennium
      Breaking New Ground in Text and Typography
      Illustrator's New Text Engine
      Photoshop: Keeping Type As Vector
      Moving Type Between CS2 Applications
      Handling Type Gracefully
    Chapter 7.  Managing and Customizing the Interface
      The Core Technologies That Bind
      Using Common Interface Elements
      Customizing Your CS2 User Interface
      Navigating Through the CS2 Applications
      Different Strokes: Application-Specific Interface Features
      Where to Find More Common Ground
    Chapter 8.  Working with Style
      Text Styles
      Object and Graphic Styles
      Managing Styles
      Cascading Style Sheets
      Styles Are Your Friends
    Chapter 9.  Smart Objects and Intelligent Layouts
      Smart Objects in Photoshop
      Smart Objects in GoLive
      Linking Files in Illustrator and InDesign
      Illustrator Symbols
      InDesign Snippets
      InDesign Libraries
      Staying Smart As You Work
    Chapter 10.  Colors and Color Management
      Calibrating Your Monitor
      Color Management
      Color Essentials
      Color Modes for Documents
      Defining Colors
      Using Color Libraries
      Moving Colors between Applications
      Working with Spot Colors
      Applying Colors
      The Color of Success
    Chapter 11.  Transparency
      Basic Transparency in Creative Suite
      Live Transparency Effects
      Viewing the Transparency Grid
      Mastering Transparency
    Chapter 12.  The Flexibility of Layers
      Layer Essentials
      Photoshop Layer Highlights
      Illustrator Layer Highlights
      InDesign Layer Highlights
      Moving Layers Between Photoshop and Illustrator
      Moving Layers to PDF Files
      Changing Visibility for Layers and Layer Comps
      Using Layered Files to Control Versioning
      Multilayered Flexibility
    Chapter 13.  Integrating Version Cue into Your Workflow
      About Version Cue
      Anatomy of a Version Cue Project
      Setting Up, Turning On, and Enabling Version Cue
      Working with Version Cue
      Collaborating on a Project
      Administering Version Cue
      Try It Out
    Chapter 14.  Creating and Using PDF Files
      About PDF and Acrobat
      Creating PDF Files in Creative Suite Applications
      PDF and Non-Adobe Applications
      Best Practices for Creating PDF Files
      Acrobat 7.0 Professional Features
      Editing PDF Files and Their Elements
      Collaborating Using PDF Files
      Adding Interactivity to PDF Files
      Bringing PDF into Other Applications
      The Universal Format
    Chapter 15.  Automating Your Work
      Creating Actions in Photoshop and Illustrator
      Creating Droplets (Mini-Applications)
      Batch Processing in the CS2 Applications
      Data Merge in InDesign
      Scripting in the CS2 Applications
      Extending Your Application with Plug-ins
      Getting Into Gear
    Chapter 16.  Preflighting and Printing
      Preflighting Your Files
      Printing in the CS2 Applications
      Preflighting, Correcting, and Printing PDF Files
      Complete Control
    Chapter 17.  To the Web
      Web Graphics
      Slicing and Dicing Images
      Working with CSS Layers
      From InDesign to GoLive
      Taking PDF to the Web
      Flash on the Web
      Quick Web Pages from Photoshop
      Mobile Devices and SVG
      Looking to the Future
   Creative Suite Resources
      Adobe Phone Support
      Adobe Web Site
      Extending the Suite
      Learning More and Building Community
   Color Insert
      Additive Colors
      Subtractive Colors
      Working With Rich Black
      Mixed Inks and Overprints
      Colorizing Grayscale Images in Photoshop
      Proper and Fake Duotone Examples
      Setting Overprints
      Previewing Ink Limits
      How the Transparency Flattener Works
      Previewing Transparency Flattening
      Transparency and the White Box Effect
      Best Practices for Handling Transparency
      Blending Modes

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