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The Unusually Useful Web Book
By June Cohen
Publisher: New Riders Publishing
Pub Date: May 23, 2003
ISBN: 0-7357-1206-9
Pages: 408

The Unusually Useful Web Book is the only book you need to find out everything you need to know about web sites. In fact, it's 2 books in 1. You can skim the sidebars and checklists for tips and techniques you can use right away. Or you can follow along with the main text for a detailed discussion of planning, designing, building, and maintaining your web site.

The Unusually Useful Web Book is jam-packed with:

  • Do-it-yourself worksheets. 20 worksheets walk you through essential tasks such as increasing traffic, improving site speed, writing a product plan, and making your site cross-compatible.

  • Behind-the-scenes info. 25 special Lessons from the Trenches show you how sites such as and deal with day-to-day challenges such as naming site sections or sending effective emails.

  • Advice from leading experts. More than 50 experts - from the father of the ad banner to the founder of - openly share the lessons they've learned on everything from making money to working with engineers. Includes expert interviews with Adam Berliant (Group Manager at Microsoft), Greg Dotson (Chief Information Office for, Randi Shade (founder of, Emily Simas (former product manager for, Srinija Srinivasan (VP and Editor in Chief of Yahoo!), and Evany Thomas (managing editor for Webmonkey).

  • Jargon-free explanations. Step-by-step instructions-covering everything from acquiring a domain name to preparing images for the web-are written in language you can understand.

The Unusually Useful Web Book
The Unusually Useful Web Book
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