SAMS_Java APIs for XML Kick Start

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Java APIs for XML Kick Start
By Aoyon Chowdhury, Parag Choudhary
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Pub Date : October 25, 2002
ISBN : 0-672-32434-2.htm
Pages : 432
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JAX: Java APIs for XML Kick Start covers the JAX APIs - fundamental for development of Java-based Web service applications as well as other e-Commerce applications requiring the exchange and manipulation of data. The book includes an overview of Web service fundamentals including SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, all of which will be built upon in later examples. The book then covers the current set of JAX APIs for data processing, for messaging, for writing data to registries and for calling remote applications.

Each API is covered from an architectural and implementation perspective, using real-world examples and case studies throughout to illustrate their usefulness. The author will demonstrate both Web service and traditional JAX applications, giving a complete picture of the uses of JAX. The final chapter looks ahead to new developments and new APIs in progress at Sun.



JavaT APIs for XML Kick Start
JAX: Java APIs for XML Kick Start
ISBN: 0672324342
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Year: 2002
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