Section 1.2. Embedded Linux Today

1.2. Embedded Linux Today

It might come as no surprise that Linux has experienced significant growth in the embedded space. Indeed, the fact that you are reading this book indicates that it has touched your own life. It is difficult to estimate the market size because many companies still build their own embedded Linux distributions., the popular news and information portal founded by Rich Lehrbaum, conducts an annual survey of the embedded Linux market. In its latest survey, they report that Linux has emerged as the dominant operating system used in thousands of new designs each year. In fact, nearly half of respondents reported using Linux in an embedded design, while the nearest competing operating system was reportedly used by only about one in every eight respondents. Commercial operating systems that once dominated the embedded market were reportedly used by fewer than one in ten respondents. Even if you find reason to dispute these results, no one can ignore the momentum in the embedded Linux marketplace today.

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