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object-oriented programming   2nd  
object-oriented programming:
       AUTOLOAD.   [See AUTOLOAD subroutine]
       avoid testing type of object  
       bless   [See bless operator]
               as package  
               example of  
               data inheritance   2nd  
               for tied class[object-oriented programming:constructor:tied class]  
               is a method[object-oriented programming:constructor:method]  
               named new  
               returns anonymous hash   2nd  
               subroutine returning new object  
       data inheritance   2nd  
               releasing resources with  
               subroutine for destroyed object  
               AUTOLOAD and  
               data;   2nd   3rd  
               deriving a class;  
               method call syntax  
               run-time mechanism  
               searching @ISA  
       inheriting class member  
       method call syntax.   [See method call syntax]
               called as subroutine  
               dynamic.   [See method: object]
               package.   [See method: class]
               static.   [See method: class]
       multiple inheritance:
               in creating modules[object-oriented programming:multiple inheritance:creating modules]  
               more than one class in @ISA;  
       multiple inheritance;  
               bound to tied variable  
               data blessed into a package  
               destroyed when no longer referenced  
               is not predeclared[object-oriented programming:object:not predeclared]  
       ref.   [See ref operator]
       searching parent classes for methods  
       self variable  
       structured around typed data  
       SUPER:: package:
               data inheritance and  
               inheritance list for current package  
       this variable  
       tied variable.   [See tied variable]
       type fields  
       UNIVERSAL.   [See UNIVERSAL package]2nd   [See See UNIVERSAL package]
       vs. closures[object-oriented programming:closures];  
       vs. non-object-oriented[object-oriented programming:non-object-oriented]  
object.   [See object-oriented programming: object]
oct operator:
       converting octal or hexadecimal strings  
octal character escape  
octal numbers :
       in strings;  
on-line documentation.   [See documentation]
one-liners   2nd  
opcodes.   [See ops]
open operator:
       always check return value  
       format specifiers;  
       output of -D command line option;  
or operator:
       in sorting[or operator:sorting]  
       omitting parentheses with  
or-equals operator:
       in sorting;  
Orcish Maneuver;  
Orwant, Jon  
output format for printed numbers  
       XSUB section;  
overloading.   [See object-oriented programming: overloading]

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Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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