Section 61. Add a Video to Your Page

61. Add a Video to Your Page


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60 Add a Flash Animation to Your Page

Adding video to your page is much like adding a Flash animation to your page. You need to have a video source, like the QuickTime file that I took with my digital camera, and you need to use <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags. However, you have to code the tags by hand.

For this task, you need to have the QuickTime plug-in installed in your browser and a QuickTime file that you can use from some source. If you don't have QuickTime installed, you can download it from

You should also know how large the file is in height and width. If you need to get a QuickTime file, you can search on the Web for sites that have free video clips.

In this task, I am using a file called (ahem ‚ no ‚ this is a movie of my chickens running around). You will need to find or save a movie of your own.


There are a lot of resources on the Web for QuickTime . One of the better ones is obviously Apple itself. Try going to, and you will find many tutorials on all aspects of authoring and displaying QuickTime .

Add a Row of Cells to Your Table

Open one of your web pages in Composer , and press the Tab key to create a new row of cells. Click in the new last cell you just created and select HTML Code from the Insert menu.

Add the Code to Insert a QuickTime Movie

Click in the HTML window and type in the following information. (Where there is italics in this code, change the information for your own QuickTime file.)

61. Add a Video to Your Page

 <object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" codebase="" height="  256  " width="  320  ">  <param name="SRC" value="  ">  <param name="AUTOPLAY" value="true">  <param name="CONTROLLER" value="true"> <embed src="  " autoplay="true" controller="true" pluginspage="" height="  256  " width="  320  "> </object> 

This is the code for <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags to show QuickTime on your page. You need to type it in exactly as it is here except for the height and width of the movie and the name. Remember that when you have the <OBJECT> and <EMBED> tags nested, you need to have the information in both tags, so the height, width, and source have to be entered twice.

You might want to experiment with turning the controller off so that the little controller bar is not visible. To do this, simply find the two locations where "controller" appears and set the value to "false" in both cases.

If you want the controller to be visible, you will need to increase the height 16 pixels more than the height of your movie. If you want to remove the controller, you will need to decrease the height of the movie by 16 pixels.

If you want the movie not to play when the page loads but to wait for some user interaction, find the two locations where "Autoplay" appears and change the values to "false" .

Save Your Page and Preview It in the Browser

After you save your file in Composer , select the Preview tab. As before, compare the source with the content typed previously. Any small difference can make a large error in your results.

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