Section 98. Awaken Tired Eyes

98. Awaken Tired Eyes


80 Zoom In and Out with the Zoom Tool

81 Zoom In and Out with the Overview Palette


95 Correct Red Eye

96 Remove Freckles and Minor Blemishes

97 Whiten Teeth

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. It must be true, because if a woman has dark circles under her eyes, we think she looks tired (even if the dark circles are a natural skin condition). By slightly lightening the skin under the eyes, you can take years off a face and brighten a person's outlook. And it's simple to do, using the Change to Target tool.

Redness in the eyes caused by chlorine in swimming pools can also make them look tired. To whiten the eyes, select the white parts and choose Adjust, Hue and Saturation, Hue/Saturation/Lightness . Then change the color to white by setting Hue to 180 and Saturation to 100. Then adjust the Lightness value to achieve a lighter, yet still natural, white (try 18 to 25).


If your subject is looking into the sun, her pupils might be quite small, making her look tired and sleepy. To widen the pupils, use the Red-eye Removal command as described in 95 Correct Red Eye . Move Refine to the far right to prevent changes to the iris, and then set Iris Size to 1 or 0 to make the pupil as big as you like.

Select Change to Target Tool

Select the Change to Target tool on the Tools toolbar.

Set Options

On the Tool Options palette, open the Mode list and select Lightness. Set the Size to the width of the area you want to lighten. Set Hardness to 50 and Opacity to 10.

Select a Light Pixel

Press the Ctrl key and use the eyedropper to click a skin pixel close to the eye that's fairly light. The Change to Target tool uses this pixel's lightness value to lighten the skin you paint over.


If you're lightening a large area of skin, change the source pixel from time to time for a more natural look.

Lighten Skin Under the Eyes

Drag the Change to Target over the dark patches under the eye, changing the pixels there to the same lightness value as the pixel you clicked with the eyedropper in step 3.


If you have trouble using the Change to Target , try creating a copy of the image on a duplicate layer and making your changes to the copy. You can then use the Opacity setting to control the amount of the changes you see.

98. Awaken Tired Eyes

View the Result

The final result (on the right) is very natural looking. With lighter patches under her eyes, Aunt Ree looks less tired, and it's easier to see how truly loving, humorous , and wonderful she is.

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