Java™ 2 Primer Plus
By Steven Haines, Steve Potts

Table of Contents
Chapter 20.  Network Programming

In this chapter, you learned about the TCP/IP suite of protocols. The first thing we covered was where TCP/IP came from and how it works. Following that, you saw a simple program that allowed two different processes to exchange data using the Socket and ServerSocket classes.

Following that, you learned how to get two different Socket-based programs to communicate with each other in a two-way conversation. Next, we worked an example of how complex serialized classes can be sent from one computer to another with very little programming beyond the basic socket handling.

Next, you learned how to write programs that use the BufferedReader and the PrintWriter classes instead of the ObjectStreamReader and the ObjectStreamWriter classes. Finally, we learned how to use the URL and URLConnection classes to download the HTML from a Web site into our program.


    Java 2 Primer Plus
    Java 2 Primer Plus
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