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Oakley Key Determination protocol
original packets
OSPF for IPv6
     adjacencies, forming
         database description exchange
         Hello packet
         Hello packet processing
         interface status and DR/BDR election
         loading phase
     areas and external routes
         Area IDs
         backbone area
         external routes
         nonbackbone areas
         not-so-stubby areas
         stub areas
         virtual links
     compared to IPv4 version
     link state-based protocol
     message format
         encapsulaton in IP datagrams
         OSPF headers
         packet processing
     OSPfv3 messages and the Link State Database
         flags in Router-LSA
         link state types
outer tunnels

IPv6 Essentials
IPv6 Essentials
ISBN: 0596100582
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 156
Authors: Silvia Hagen

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