Section 18. Delete a User Account

18. Delete a User Account


Change the Account Picture

Password Protect a User Account

You might find it necessary to delete user accounts from the system. Users who have Computer administrator accounts can delete any other user account from the computer. Deleting an account removes that user from the system. You can also choose to delete files that were associated with that user account (such as files in the My Documents or My Pictures folder) or you can choose to have these files remain on the computer (they can be accessed by any of the remaining users on the computer). If you choose to delete the files associated with the user account you are deleting, you cannot recover the files (they are not placed in the Recycle Bin as a regular deletion is).


Because administrative accounts can delete other administrative accounts, you might want only one administrative account on the computer in the first place, because then you don't end up with a situation where administrative users start deleting each others' accounts. It really is a "best practice" to have only one administrative account with all other accounts on the computer as limited.

If the computer has only one account (period, no other accounts have been created), there is no option to delete the account. There must be at least one account on the computer (which is why you must set up an account the first time you boot up a Windows XP installation).

Delete a User Account

Select a User Account

In the User Accounts window (select User Accounts in the Control Panel to open this window), select the user account you want to delete from the list of accounts at the bottom of the window.

Select Delete the Account

From the task list for the selected user account, select the Delete the account task.

Keep or Delete User Files

When you delete an account, you have the option of either saving the files that are on the user's desktop and in the My Documents folder (the files are moved to a folder that is given the same name as the user's account name) or deleting all the account's files when you delete the user account. Click either the Keep Files or Delete Files button according to your preference.

Delete the Account

On the next screen, click Delete Account. The selected user account is deleted.

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