Inserting an Object

When you place an item such as text, a picture, or another item on a publication page, you are actually inserting an object that is surrounded by a frame. Being able to insert, delete, or move these object frames and manage their border and color attributes means that you can give your publication pages a customized look as you control the overall layout of individual pages.


Object A text box, picture, or other item inserted onto a publication page.

You can work with a number of different object types in a publication and format and size their frame borders. The most straightforward way to insert an object (and its frame) into a publication is to use the Objects toolbar (which appears on the left side of the Publisher window).

To insert an object, follow these steps:

  1. Click an object tool on the Objects toolbar (such as the Text Box tool).

  2. Place the mouse pointer on the page where you want to place the new object. The mouse pointer becomes a crosshair (see Figure 6.1).

    Figure 6.1. Use the crosshair mouse tool to place a new object on your publication page.


  3. Click and drag to create the object (you determine the height and width of the frame around the object).

The new object appears on your page. Your next action depends on the type of object you created. If you used the Text Box tool to create the object frame, you now type the text you want to place in the text box. If you used the Picture Frame tool, the Insert Clip Art dialog box appears, enabling you to insert your choice of pictures.

After you have the object on the page, a number of options are available to you. You can size the frame around the object, move the object, delete the object, or group the object with other objects on the page. These object manipulations are covered in the balance of this lesson.

Removing an object from a publication page is very straightforward. Select the object that you want to delete and then press the Delete key. This removes the object from the publication.


Text in Overflow Icon If you see an icon below a text box that contains an A followed by an ellipse, this is the Text in Overflow icon. This means that there is more text associated with the text box but that it cannot be shown in the box until you increase the size of the text box.

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