Selecting the Design Set

You select the design set for your new publication from the New Publication task pane, which appears when you start Publisher, or when you start a new publication from the File menu ( File, New ). To select a design set for a family of publications (and create a new publication from the family), follow these steps:

  1. Start Publisher using the Start menu, or if you are already in the Publisher window, click the File menu, and then click New .

  2. In the New Publication task pane, click the Design Sets option. A list of design sets will appear in the task pane (see Figure 3.1).

    Figure 3.1. Design sets can be selected from the New Publication task pane.


  3. Select the set that you want to use for your current new publication. For example, you can select Master sets or one of the more specific sets such as the Personal Stationery set.

  4. When you select a particular design set (such as the Master set), a subset of specific designs will appear in the Preview window. For example, in the Master set, you can select from designs such as Arcs, Blends, and Brocade. Select a particular design to see how the different publications (such as business cards or calendars) will appear if you use the design.

  5. When you have selected the design you want to use (one of the designs from a set), select the design from the list.


Use the Scrollbar to Peruse the Design List To view all the design sets in the Design Sets list, click the down scroll arrow on the list's scrollbar.

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