Completing the Publication

After you've selected a particular design set, and a specific design, you can select a particular publication from the Preview window and create that publication. Repeating the steps discussed in the preceding section allows you to create an entire family of publications that use the same design set (you create the publications one at a time).

For example, to create an envelope using a master design, follow these steps:

  1. After selecting a design set and then a specific design, click the envelope template shown in the Preview window. The new envelope and the Envelope Options task pane appear (see Figure 3.2).

    Figure 3.2. The new envelope can be modified using the Envelope Options task pane.


  2. (optional) Use the Color Schemes option on the Envelope to select a different color scheme for the envelope (remember that this will change the default colors, which you might not want to do if you are using the design set to create a family of "like" publications).

  3. (optional) Use the Font Schemes option to change the font family used for the publication (again, you might not want to change the default if you are creating several publications that need to look the same).

  4. If you do not want to include a log on the envelope, click the None option under Logo on the task pane.

  5. Use the envelope size options under Size on the taskbar to size the envelope.

As with any other publication that you create from a design template, you can now replace any existing text or other items in a placeholder with the appropriate information. When you have completed editing the envelope, make sure that you save the presentation. After you complete the first publication in your set, you can use the New Publication task pane to select the appropriate design set and create other publications as needed.

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