Deciding How to Create a New Publication

A number of possible methods are available in the New Publication task pane to start a new publication. These possibilities are as follows :

  • Publications for Print If you want to create a specific type of publication for print such as a banner, brochure, or business card and would like to have a design template provided, you can view publications by category by clicking the Publications for Print heading in the New Publication task pane. Publication categories include Advertisements, Awards, Business Cards, and Gift Certificates, just to name a few. A Quick Publications category provides a number of template layouts for single-page publications that can be used as flyers and one-page posters . Creating a publication for print using one of the publication categories is discussed in Lesson 2, "Creating a New Publication."

  • Web Sites and E-Mail Publisher also provides a series of templates that can be used to quickly create Web sites and special e- mails such as newsletters and featured product sheets. Web sites and e-mail templates are accessed by clicking the Web Sites and E-Mail heading in the New Publication task pane. When you select a template such as a Web site, Publisher will use the Easy Web Site Builder to accumulate information needed for the site (see Figure 1.2) and walk you through the steps of completing the Web site's pages.

    Figure 1.2. The Easy Web Site Builder will help you determine the purpose for your site and build your pages.


  • Design Sets Design sets enable you to create a family of publications that have the same look. Each master design set uses a particular set of design elements and colors that are consistent across all the publications in the set. For instance, you might want to create letterhead, business cards, and invoices that all have the same design look for your small business. You can create these publications by choosing a particular design set in the Design Sets pane and then selecting the particular publication (such as the business cards) in the Master Sets window. Specific families of publications such as personal stationery sets and fund-raising sets make it easy for you to create a group of publications with the same design and look for specific purposes.

  • Blank Publications Another possibility for creating your new publication is to create it from scratch. However, you will find that Publisher doesn't totally abandon you when you take this approach. To start a blank publication, select the Blank Publications heading in the New Publication task pane. You can then select the type of blank document you want to create such as a business card or flyer. Figure 1.3 shows a new blank publication. Notice that the Publication Designs task pane enables you to select color schemes and font schemes for the new blank publication.

    Figure 1.3. Publisher also provides help with design elements when you create a blank publication.



Create a Publication from an Existing Publication You can also create a publication based on an existing publication. This allows you to use the design elements in an existing publication and modify it for a new purpose.

As far as selecting a route for creating your new publication, that will depend on your experience with Publisher and the particular design requirements of your publication. The various document templates and the design sets provide you with a lot of help as you initially design your publication. They also create placeholder objects in your new publication that you can replace with your own pictures or design elements.

For the new user , using a template for a print publication or Web site, or using the design sets offers a quick and easy way to create your new publications. Creating publications from scratch might be something that you hold off on until you have a good understanding of all the Publisher tools and some basic design principles.

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