Sending E-Mails from Office Applications

Sending E- Mails from Office Applications

If you have an e-mail client (software for sending and receiving e-mail) on your computer, such as Microsoft Outlook, you can send Office documents in e-mails. You can send a Word document, an Excel worksheet, or even an entire PowerPoint presentation with an e-mail message.


E-Mail Client The e-mail program installed on your computer that you use to send and receive e-mail.

The process for sending e-mail from the different Office applications is the same for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. You use the Send To command on the File menu.

You can send Word or Excel files embedded in the e-mail message or you can send them as attachments. In the case of PowerPoint and Access, the file you currently have open can only be sent with the e-mail message as an attachment.

In most cases, sending the file as an attachment makes it easier for the recipient to manipulate the file after they receive it. To send an Excel worksheet as an attachment, follow these steps:

  1. Select File and then point at Send To . Select Mail Recipient (as Attachment) from the cascading menu that appears. A new e-mail message opens (in your default e-mail client, such as Outlook) with the Excel file attached (see Figure 8.5).

    Figure 8.5. The new e-mail message contains the Excel file as an attachment.


  2. Type the e-mail address of the recipient into the To box, or click the To icon and select an e-mail address from an address book, such as your Outlook Contacts list.

  3. When you are ready to send the e-mail, click Send .

Your e-mail is sent. You can view the sent e-mail by opening your e-mail client and then opening the Sent Items folder.


Sending Word and Excel Files Using the Mail Recipient Command As already mentioned, Word and Excel can send documents as the body of an e-mail. When you select File, Send To and then Mail Recipient, a mail window actually opens at the top of the Word or Excel document. You enter the recipient and other information required and then click the Send This Sheet button (in Excel) or Send a Copy button (in Word) that is provided on the Mail toolbar. For recipients to view this e-mail correctly they will need to be using Outlook. If they use another type of e-mail client, you are better off sending the file as an attachment.

One thing to remember when you are e-mailing documents directly from Office applications is that you must be connected to the Internet or your company's network to actually send the mail. If you use a dial-up connection to access the Internet (and Internet e-mail), connect to the Internet before sending the e-mail from the Office application.

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