Sending Faxes from Other Office Applications

You can also send faxes directly from other Office applications. You "print" the document to the fax service installed on your computer.

Follow these steps to send a fax from an Office application such as Excel or Access:

  1. Select File and then select Print to open the Print dialog box.

  2. In the Name box in the Print dialog box, select the fax service that you have installed on your computer (see Figure 8.4).

    Figure 8.4. Select your fax service as the printer in the Print dialog box.


  3. Click OK . Depending on the fax service you are using on your computer, a dialog box or wizard specific to the fax service opens. For example, if you have the Windows fax service installed on your computer, the Send Fax Wizard opens. You would then click Next to advance past the opening screen provided by the wizard.

  4. Follow steps 5 through 8 in the preceding section if you are using the Windows Fax Service. At the completion of the process, click Finish to send your fax.

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