Changing Text Attributes with Toolbar Buttons

Changing Text Attributes with Toolbar Buttons

When you are working on your various Excel worksheets, you will probably apply a variety of formatting options to the different cells in a particular worksheet. A fast way to assign text attributes, such as bold and italic, is to use the various font attribute buttons on the Excel Formatting toolbar.

To use the Formatting toolbar to change text attributes, follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell or range that contains the text whose look you want to change.

  2. To change the font, click the Font drop-down list, and select a new font name . To change the font size, click the Font Size drop-down list and select the size you want to use. You can also type the point size into the Font Size box and then press Enter .

  3. graphics/bold.gif graphics/italic.gif graphics/ounderline.gif To add an attribute such as bold, italic, or underlining to the selected cells, click the appropriate button: Bold , Italic , or Underline , respectively.


Font Keyboard Shortcuts You can apply certain attributes quickly by using keyboard shortcuts. First select the cell(s), and then press Ctrl+B for bold, Ctrl+I for italic, Ctrl+U for single underline, or Ctrl+5 for strikethrough .

graphics/fontcolor.gif You can also change the color of the font in a cell or cells. Select the cell or cells and click the Font Color drop-down arrow on the Formatting toolbar. Select a font color from the Color palette that appears.

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