Starting Word

Microsoft Word is an efficient and full-featured word processor that provides you with all the tools you need to produce a wide variety of document typeseverything from simple documents, such as memos and outlines, to complex documents, such as newsletters and Internet-ready HTML pages. You create your Word documents in the Word window, which provides easy access to all the tools you need to create all your documents.

Before you can take advantage of Word's proficient document processing features, you must open the Word application window. To start the Word program, follow these steps:

  1. From the Windows XP desktop, click Start, All Programs (on Windows 2000, click Start , then Programs ). The Programs menu appears (see Figure 1.1).

    Figure 1.1. Open the Programs menu and click the Word icon to start Word.


  2. To start Word, point at the Microsoft Office icon and then click the Word icon. The Word application window appears.


Pin a Program to the Windows XP Start Menu For quick access to an application such as Word, right-click on the program icon when accessing the Programs menu. On the shortcut menu that appears, select Pin to Start menu . The application icon will now be available on the main Start menu, when you click Start .

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