Printing Labels and Envelopes

A handy Outlook feature is the capability to print mailing labels and envelopes from your Contacts list. To take advantage of this feature, you also need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. Creating form letters , mailing labels or envelopes is called a mail merge . Basically, in Word, you create a main document (such as mailing labels, envelopes, and so on) that holds field codes that relate to the information you keep on each contact, such as name or address.

To actually start the merge process, open your Contacts folder and select Tools , Mail Merge . The Mail Merge Contacts dialog box opens (see Figure 17.4) and allows you to specify both the contacts for the merge and the Word document into which the contact information is merged. Using the option buttons at the top of the dialog box, you can specify that all the contacts or selected contacts are included in the mail merge. If you want to have only certain fields included in the mail merge, you can create a custom view of your Contacts folder (discussed in Lesson 3, "Using Outlook's Tools") before starting the Mail Merge.

Figure 17.4. Contact data can be merged with a document in Word for mass mailings .


After you specify the various options in the Mail Merge Contacts dialog box (see tip that follows ) and click OK , you are taken to Word, where the mail merge is completed. Lesson 5 in the Word section of this book, "Creating Personalized Mass Mailings," covers mail merges using Word in greater detail.


Setting Up a Mail Merge from Outlook The Mail Merge Contacts dialog box (refer to Figure 17.4) provides several options for customizing your mail merge using your Outlook Contacts. If you select the Permanent File check box, you can specify a filename and have your Contacts list saved as a data document for use in future Word mail merges (you won't have to start the merge from Outlook in the future if you select this option). You can also specify the type of document that Word creates during the mail merge using the Document Type drop-down list. You can create form letters, mailing envelopes, and mailing labels.

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