Answering Mail

You might want to reply to a message after you read it. The message window enables you to answer a message immediately as you read it. To reply to any given message, follow these steps:

  1. Select the message in the Inbox window, and then click the Reply button on the Inbox toolbar.

    If you have the message open , click the Reply button in the message window. The Reply message window appears, with the original message in the message text area and the sender of the message already filled in for you (see Figure 5.6).

    Figure 5.6. You can reply to a message quickly and easily.



    Reply to All If you receive a message that has also been sent to othersas either a message or a carbon copy (Cc)you can click the Reply to All button to send your reply to each person who received the original message.

  2. The insertion point is automatically placed above the message text that you are replying to. Enter your reply text.

  3. When you finish your reply, click the Send button. Outlook sends the message.

The next time you open a message to which you've replied, there is a reminder at the top of the message window telling you the date and time you sent your reply. Don't forget that the purple arrow next to a message in the Inbox window shows that the message has been replied to.

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