Downloading the Theme

How you actually download a particular theme depends on the website providing the theme. Before you start downloading themes, you should create a place on your computer where you can save the downloaded files.


Some of the themes you find on the Web might have been created for Windows 98, but you can apply these themes to Windows XP. You will also find that websites come and go, so the sites listed in Table 3.1 might not be available as time passes.

Click Start and then select My Computer. Double-click the Local Drive (C:) icon to open the hard drive. Click the File menu, point at New, and then click Folder. Type a new name for the folder. Now you have a repository for any downloaded files.

To download a theme, navigate to the web page that contains the link to the theme. The link can be a download button, a text link, or some other type of link; click the link. It might take a second or two, but then a File Download box will open (see Figure 3.13).

Figure 3.13. Click Save to save the theme file to your computer.

Click the Save button. The Save As dialog box appears. Use the Save in drop-down list to locate the folder in which you will save the file. Double-click the folder (after you locate it) to open it. Then click the Save button to save the file to the specified location.

When the file has been downloaded to your computer, the Download Complete dialog box opens. You can close the box or click the Open Folder button to go to the folder that contains the file. Now that you have downloaded the file, we can take a look at how you apply the theme.

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