65. Install and Remove Applications Using YaST

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You can view the applications installed on your system using YaST. YaST also provides you with the ability to add applications from installation and update CDs or DVDs. You need to have your installation or update CDs (or DVD) available to install applications to the system.

Before You Begin

59 About Updating and Adding Applications to NLD

Open YaST Control Center

From the desktop, select System, Administrator Settings. The Run as Root dialog box opens.

Enter Root Password

Enter the root password in the Run as Root dialog box and then click OK. The YaST Control Center opens.

Open Install and Remove Software Window

Select (click once) the Install and Remove Software icon in the YaST window. (YaST requires only one click on icons to activate the module.)

View Package Groups

To view the software packages by group, click the Filter list and select Package Groups. Expand a particular group listing. To view the information about a particular package, select that package in the list.


Installed packages are marked with a check mark. Uninstalled packages have an empty check box.


To quickly check whether the dependencies for a particular package are met before installing, select the Check Dependencies button. A message box opens and tells you whether all dependencies are met. If you want to autocheck dependencies, select the Autocheck option button at the bottom of the YaST window.

Select or Deselect Package

To remove a package from installation, click the check box for that package until a trash can icon appears, marking the package for deletion. To include a package for installation, select the empty check box (this places a check mark in the box).


You can add packages as needed, but I would caution you in terms of removing packages. Remember the importance of dependencies. Removing one package could disable other packages on the system.

Complete Installation or Removal

When you are ready to complete the process, click the Accept button. The packages are installed (or uninstalled), and you are returned to the YaST Control Center.


Make sure that you place the appropriate installation or update CD (or DVD) in the CD (or DVD) drive you used for the NLD installation. If you do not have the appropriate CD in the drive, you are prompted for the correct one.


The YaST Add and Remove Software module also allows you to mark installed packages for update. Right-click on the check box for the package and select Update. For packages that you have installed in the past and then removed because they didn't work correctly or caused system problems, you can mark them as taboo (meaning don't ever install). Right-click on the package's check box and select Taboo Never Install.

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