Chapter 5. Configuring NLD Hardware and System Settings

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32 About Configuring Hardware and System Settings in NLD

33 Change Keyboard Settings

34 Change Mouse Settings

35 About Printing and NLD

36 Add and Configure a Printer

37 Print to a Printer

38 Manage Print Jobs

39 Delete a Printer

40 Configure Sound Settings

41 Change the Screen Resolution

42 Change Session Settings

43 Change Other System Settings

It's important when working in a GUI environment such as NLD to have the ability to configure hardware settings for input and output devices such as the keyboard, mouse, monitor, and sound card. GNOME provides a set of easy-to-use tools that allow you to control the settings for these various devices.

Every user needs to print her work, and NLD provides you with the ability to configure printers and then manage your print jobs. This chapter looks at how to configure these various hardware items such as the keyboard, the mouse, and a printer. We also look at other settings, including session and system settings such as file associations. We begin our discussion with an overview of the tools that GNOME provides the user for configuring various hardware settings.

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