31. Change Window Preferences

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The Settings dialog box also provides you with the ability to control the behavior of windows on the desktop when you move the mouse over them or double-click the title bar. In terms of double-clicking on the title bar, you can select from two different behaviors. You can have the window either maximize or roll up. When you select roll up, only the title bar remains, clearing the bulk of the window from the desktop.

Before You Begin

22 About GNOME Personal Settings

Open Window Preferences Dialog

In the Settings dialog box, double-click the Windows icon in the Appearance pane of the dialog box. The Window Preferences dialog box opens.

Change Window Preferences Settings

In the Window Preferences dialog select the Select Windows When the Mouse Moves Over Them check box if you want to activate windows by rolling the mouse over them. You can also set the interval of time that must be met before the window gains focus. Select the Raise Selected Windows After an Interval check box and then set the interval time.

If you want to change the behavior of windows when the title bar is double-clicked (the default is Maximize), select the Double-Click Titlebar to Perform This Action box and select Roll Up. Windows now roll up when you double click the title bar.

You can also select the helper key used when you want to drag that window (by default no helper key is required, and the default is the Alt key). Select an option box such as Control, Hyper, or Super (or "Windows logo") to change the key selection.

Close Window Preferences Dialog

After making your changes to the settings in the Window Preferences dialog box, select the Close button to close the dialog box and return to the Settings dialog box.


Other than the ability to focus on a window by rolling the mouse over it and the ability to roll up a window with a double-click on the title bar, the other options in the Window Preferences dialog are probably best left at the defaults.

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