Chapter 2. Starting Novell Linux Desktop

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1 About Booting the NLD System and Logon Options

2 Log On to the System

3 About Logoff Options

4 Log Off the System from the Desktop

5 Shut Down the System from the Logon Manager

In this chapter we take a look at booting NLD, logging on to the system, and then logging off and shutting down the system correctly. You might think that turning the computer on and then logging on to the system would be straightforward and it is but there are some logon options that we need to explore.

First, to log on to the system you need a valid username and password. The user could have been created by you during the NLD installation process or by your network administrator if you didn't play a part in the NLD installation on the PC.


You only have rights to change or add user accounts if you have the root password. So, if your account has been created for you, you won't be able to add users or change settings related to the user accounts.

Logging on to the system is straightforward after the user accounts have been established (particularly the user account you will use). You might also think that logging off and then turning off the system must really be a piece of cake; however, the Linux shutdown process can actually take some time as the various system processes are terminated. Pulling the plug (meaning turning off the power) on the system before the shutdown is complete can actually lead to corruption of the system files and loss of data. Let's take a closer look at the logon screen and logon options.

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