134. Use the Object Bar

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The Object bar provides tools specific to the currently selected object on your slide. For example, when you work with a text object (a text box) the Object bar provides font formatting and alignment tools. When you work on a drawn object (such as an ellipse drawn using the Mail toolbar Ellipse tool), the Object bar provides tools that can be used to format the line style, color, and background color for the drawn object.

Use Text Formatting Tools

Select the text in a text box. The Object bar changes to the text formatting tools. Use the font formatting tools such as the Font box to select a new font and the Size box to select a new font size. You can also enable other formatting attributes such as Bold and Italic. To change the alignment for the selected text, select one of the alignment buttons such as Centered.

Use Drawn Object Tools

Draw an object such as an ellipse using the Ellipse tool on the Main toolbar. With the drawn object selected use the Object bar tools such as the Line Style, Line Width, or Line Color tools to format the object. To change the fill color for the object, select the Area Style/Filling drop-down list and select a new color.

Use Image Formatting Tools

Insert a graphic on a slide (select Insert, Graphics). When the graphic is selected, the Object bar provides tools for formatting the graphic. Use the Red, Blue, Green spinner boxes to change the basic color mix for the graphic. Use the Brightness and Contrast spinner boxes to lighten or darken the image as needed.

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