85. About Internet Usenet Newsgroups

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Usenet newsgroups have been available on the Internet since 1979. However, they are a mystery to most Internet users, who primarily use the World Wide Web for information gathering.

Usenet is a network of news servers that allow users to post information in a variety of categories. Posts can be read using a news reader and you can also post replies to existing posts. New posts on a subject can also be created using a news reader.

NLD provides the Pan News Reader. It is an easy to configure and use news reader that also provides you with the ability to post your own news items. To use a news reader such as Pan you must have access to a news server. So, if your company does not provide access to newsgroups, you won't be able to take advantage of Pan. Most Internet service providers do provide access to a news server. To configure Pan you need the name of the news server that you will connect to.


Usenet provides a lot of information on technical issues related to computers and software including NLD and Linux. Usenet also contains a lot of unsavory information and probably should not be used in an environment where children also have access to the computer. And I do mean "unsavory."

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