HP NonStop Server Security - A Practical Handbook

Terri Hill
Ellen Alvarado

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About XYPRO: With over 200 years of collective experience, XYPRO Technology Corporation has specialized in the HP NonStop Server Platform since being founded in 1983. Beginning with the initial release of the XYGATE Security and Access Control Software in 1990, XYPRO has focused exclusively on HP NonStop Server Security and Cross-Platform Encryption. XYPRO is proud to be recognized as one of the leading providers of HP NonStop Server security software and is regarded as expert in the field.

About the Authors

Terri Hill has over 17 years of computer systems experience with expertise in systems security, quality assurance, user documentation and education. As a Security Analyst, she provides Security Review and implementation Services to HP NonStop Server customers. Terri is also a valuable link between customer's business requirements and XYPRO's software development.

Ellen Alvarado has worked in the NonStop industry since 1980. She has been a customer, an analyst, a 3rd party vendor and a consultant. Ellen brings her practical experience and depth of knowledge about exercising the advantages of NonStop server technology to XYPRO as a designer and a developer of security and compliance software solutions.

HP NonStop Server Security 2004
HP NonStop Server Security 2004
ISBN: 159059035X
Year: 2004
Pages: 157

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