4.1 Better Backups

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Chapter 4. Built-In Utilities

Sometimes the things you notice least in life ‚ your toothbrush, a knife and fork, your shoelaces ‚ play an important role. They're not flashy or earth shattering, but you'd be hard pressed to get through the day without them.

Windows XP's built-in utilities are similar. These often overlooked little programs, like Notepad, Clipboard, and the Backup utility, perform key functions you use all the time ‚ even if you're barely aware of them.

This chapter tells you how to get the most out of these programs, as well as some others you might not even know about, like the utility that sends faxes straight from your computer. You'll also learn about some inexpensive alternatives ‚ perfect for when Windows needs a little more oomph than its built-in tools can provide.

Windows XP Power Hound
Windows XP Power Hound: Teach Yourself New Tricks
ISBN: 0596006195
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2003
Pages: 119

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