Section C.6. Working with Projects

C.6. Working with Projects

This section describes the procedure for creating a project.

C.6.1. Advantages of Working with Projects

When the user opens a project, Zend Studio Client automatically processes all files associated with the project and adds classes and functions to the Code Completion list. In addition, you can also search for missing includes files.

C.6.2. How to Create a Project

You can create a new project if you want to define a working environment with unique characteristics such as debug configurations, bookmarks and watches, and more.


Project definition files are assigned the *.zpj file extension.

To create a new project:


From the Main Menu, select Project > New Project. The New Project Wizard dialog box appears.


Type the name of the new project. The location is updated accordingly. At this point, you may skip all the following dialogs and click Finish. Click Next to define specific properties for the new project.


To add the files/directories that will comprise the new project, click Add Path and browse for the files/directories to be included in the new project.


Click Next to continue or Finish to skip.


The next window displays the default settings defined in the Debug tab in the Customization window. If you want to apply specific debug settings for the current new project, deselect the Use System Defaults check box and modify the settings.


Select the Debug Mode. For a Remote debug, you can change the server URL and the port number, as well as determine the temporary output file location.


These settings are reflected in the Project Properties dialog. To view a project's debug settings at any time, open the project and go to Project > Project Properties.


Click Finish.

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