Section C.5. Editing a File

C.5. Editing a File

This section describes how to edit a file in Zend Studio.

C.5.1. Editing a File

To edit a file, all you have to do is launch the Zend Studio Client and begin writing code. However, Studio Client makes more advanced editing almost as easy! The following example uses Zend Studio Client's Code Completion featureone of Studio Client's time-saving editing features. Other main editing features also include bookmarks, real-time errors, bracket navigation, templates, and more.

In general, Code Completion automatically displays the relevant list of completion options based on its identifying the code section as PHP or HTML.

Here's an example:


On the main toolbar, click . A new blank document opens in the Editing window.


In the Editing window, type the < character. The Code Completion window appears, displaying a list of HTML tags.


Select html from the list and press Enter. The HTML tag appears in the Editing window.


Type <?php, and press Enter.


Press Ctrl-space then type pri. The PHP Code Completion goes to the next entry matching pri.


Select the print_r function from the Code Completion window and press Enter. print_r appears on the edit line, and the Code Completion window re-displays the function syntax.


Type hello and press Enter.

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