Other Custom Classes

In this final chapter, we have seen how to create some of the complex interfaces that the Dreamweaver API allows for. We learned about the wonderful graphic resources available in the Shared/MM/Images folder for dressing up our extensions. And we dipped our toes into the power of custom classes, such as ListControl, ImageButton, PageControl, and TabControl. You can take a look at Tables 10.6 and 10.7 for information on other custom classes related to interface development and specifications of custom form elements available for use .

Table 10.6. Custom Form Elements for Use in Dreamweaver Extension Interfaces (see Chapter 3 of the Extending Dreamweaver manual for full information on these)

Element Name



Color button (introduced in Chapter 2)


<input type= "mmcolorbutton" name="myColor" value= "#FFFFFF" onChange="myFunction()">

Adds the standard Macromedia color button to a form; clicking on the button opens the color palette. (Used throughout the Dreamweaver interface.)



var myColor = document.myForm. myColor.value;


Combobox (editable <select> element) HTML:

<select name="mySelect" editable="true" editText="any text">

Combines the functionality of an editable text field and a popup menu. Users can type in values or choose from predefined lists.



(Used throughout the Dreamweaver interface.)


var userChoice = document.myForm. mySelect.editText;


Database controls (<select> element with special features)


<select name="myDBTree" type="mmdatabasetree" connection="myConn" noexpandbuttons showHeaders></select>

Useful for displaying database can also be added, to handle different numbers and widths of columns in the display grid.



document.myForm.myDBTree. connection=myNewConn;


Tree control


<mm:treecontrol name="myTree">

<mm:treecolumn name= "col1" width="100" value="Items">

<mm:treenode name= "item1" value="One" selected></mm:treenode>

<mm:treenode name= "item2" value="Two"> </mm:treenode>

<mm:treenode name= "item3" value="Three"> </mm:treenode>



Displays data in a hierarchical or grid format, with expanding/ collapsing nodes. (Used in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor and Tag Inspector, for instance.)



//add a node

document.myForm. myTree.col1.innerHTML+ ='<mm:treenode name= "Item4" value="Four"> <\/mm:treenode>'

//change a value

document.myForm.myTree. col1.item1.value= "First Choice";

Table 10.7. Custom Classes for Working with Extension Interfaces (see the programmers' notes in the class files for full information on using these)




GridControl (GridControlClass.js)

This control manages an editable grid control class (related to the custom <treecontrol> form element).

setAll() , getAll() , setIndex() , getIndex() , setColumnNames() , getColumnNames() , append() , del() , delAll() , add() , moveUp() , moveDown()

RadioGroup (RadioGroupClass.js)

This control manages a group of radio buttons .

getSelectedIndex() , getSelectedValue() , setSelectedIndex() , setSelectedValue()

TreeControl (TreeControlClass.js)

This control manages a <treecontrol> form element.

setAllRows() , addRow() , addRows() , delRow() , setRow() , initTreeControl() , setRowValue() , getRow() , getRowValue() , setRowIndex() , pickRowValue() , getRowIndex() , getRowLen() , refresh() , getColumnNames() , getItem() , setItem()

TreeControlWithNavControls (TreeControlClass.js)

This control manages a <treecontrol> form element that includes navigation buttons (add, remove, move up, move down).

initButtons() , moveRowDown () , moveRowUp()

NameValuePair(MM NameValuePairClass.js)

Creates and manages a list of name/value pairs.

set() , get() , getName() , del() , changeName() , length() , getNames() , getAll()

CheckboxSet(MM classCheckbox.js)

Manages a set of checkbox form elements.

addCheckbox() , clicked() , isChecked() , check()

Checkbox(MM classCheckbox.js) isChecked() , getName()

Manages a graphic threestate checkbox.p

check() , clicked() ,

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