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Question 1

Which of these are generally considered to be part of information technology (IT)?

  • A. Computer users

  • B. Computer hardware

  • C. Computer software

  • D. Computer networks

Question 2

Which of these types of computers is typically the most expensive?

  • A. Mainframe

  • B. Laptop

  • C. Personal computer

  • D. PDA

Question 3

Which of these are functions of the CPU?

  • A. Performing calculations

  • B. Storing large amounts of data

  • C. Allowing the user to enter information

  • D. Controlling program logic

Question 4

You have a document consisting of a few pages of text. Which of these units would be most appropriate for measuring the storage requirements of this document?

  • A. Kilobyte

  • B. Megabyte

  • C. Gigabyte

  • D. Terabyte

Question 5

Which of these are output devices?

  • A. Monitor

  • B. Mouse

  • C. Printer

  • D. Trackball

Question 6

Which of these is an example of an intranet application?

  • A. Sending a file from your computer via email to a contact at a customer

  • B. Entering information in a Web browser that is saved directly into your corporate payroll system

  • C. Using a Web browser to download stock information from a commercial service

  • D. Sharing product specifications with a supplier

Question 7

Which of these would be considered a good password by most IT organizations?

  • A. gorgeous

  • B. fluffy

  • C. 319

  • D. 14XXrr$

Question 8

Which of these are ways that a computer virus could enter your computer?

  • A. On a disk

  • B. In an email message

  • C. From a Web page

  • D. In a borrowed keyboard

Question 9

Which of the following actions can you perform without losing the information in the memory of your computer?

  • A. Reboot the computer with the Reset button.

  • B. Reboot the computer with Ctrl+Alt+Del.

  • C. Place the computer in Standby mode.

  • D. Turn off the computer.

Question 10

Which of these window elements generally displays the name of the application?

  • A. Title bar

  • B. Scrollbar

  • C. Menu bar

  • D. Toolbar

  • E. Status bar

Question 11

Which of the following can be stored inside a folder on your computer's hard drive?

  • A. Files

  • B. Other folders

  • C. Open windows

  • D. Display settings

Question 12

You are looking at a list of four files in Windows Explorer:





You want to select only the A.txt and C.txt files. What should you do?

  • A. Click on A.txt and then click on C.txt .

  • B. Click on C.txt and then click on A.txt .

  • C. Click on A.txt and then hold down the Ctrl key and click on C.txt .

  • D. Click on C.txt and then hold down the Shift key and click on A.txt .

Question 13

How can you search for a particular file in Windows?

  • A. By file size

  • B. By the name of the user who made the file

  • C. By filename

  • D. By the number of times the file has been opened

Question 14

A file that contains critical information has become infected by a computer virus. What should you do?

  • A. Delete the file.

  • B. Scan the file with a virus scanner.

  • C. Compress the file.

  • D. Disinfect the file.

Question 15

You have a printer connected to your computer and turned on, but when you try to print a Word document, the application complains that there is no printer. What should you do?

  • A. Turn the printer off and then on again.

  • B. Try a different printer.

  • C. Install printer drivers for the printer.

  • D. Take the file to a different computer.

Question 16

Which of the following actions can you perform by using the desktop print manager?

  • A. Reprint the most recently completed job.

  • B. Pause the current print job.

  • C. Cancel the current print job.

  • D. Print an extra copy of the current print job.

Question 17

You have a document open in Microsoft Word. Which of these file types can you use to save this document?

  • A. Text file, .txt

  • B. Excel spreadsheet, .xls

  • C. PowerPoint presentation, .ppt

  • D. Access database, .mdb

Question 18

You are editing a document in Microsoft Word and want to insert some new text in an existing paragraph. What should you do?

  • A. Click in the paragraph, click the Insert key, and start typing the new text.

  • B. Delete the existing paragraph and then retype the entire paragraph with the new text.

  • C. Click in the paragraph and start typing the new text.

  • D. Highlight the existing paragraph with the mouse and then type the new text.

Question 19

You type some new text in a Word document, but you fail to notice that the document is in overwrite mode. The new text replaces essential existing text in the document. What should you do?

  • A. Click the Undo button on the toolbar to restore the previous text.

  • B. Close the document without saving, and then re-open the copy from your hard drive.

  • C. Use the Backspace key to remove the new text.

  • D. Use the Delete key to remove the new text.

Question 20

You have formatted some text in Word with a font you like, a font size of 24 points, italics, and the color blue. Now you want identically formatted text elsewhere in the document. What should you do?

  • A. Select the text you want to format, and use the font, font size, italics, and font color toolbar buttons to apply the styles.

  • B. Select the text you want to format, and use Format, Paragraph to apply the styles.

  • C. Copy the formatted text to the Clipboard, paste it where you want more text with the same format, and then type over the text.

  • D. Use the Format Painter to transfer the formatting to the new text.

Question 21

You want to insert a soft carriage return in a Word document, to continue text on the next line without ending the paragraph. Which key combination will you use?

  • A. Shift+Enter

  • B. Ctrl+Break

  • C. Ctrl+Alt+Del

  • D. Alt+Enter

Question 22

Which of these settings can you change from the Page Setup dialog box in Microsoft Word?

  • A. Number of copies to print

  • B. Which pages to print

  • C. Document orientation (portrait or landscape)

  • D. Paper size

Question 23

You want your company name to appear at the top of each page of a Word document when you print the document. What should you do?

  • A. Type the company name at the top of each page of the document.

  • B. Type the company name in the header of the document.

  • C. Type the company name in the footer of the document.

  • D. Create a separate Word document for each page, and type the company name at the top of each document.

Question 24

Your company is named Xprptylk, Inc. Microsoft Word does not recognize this as a properly spelled word, causing Spell Check to flag the company name each time it appears. What should you do during the next spell check when the company name is found again?

  • A. Select Ignore Once.

  • B. Select Ignore All.

  • C. Select Add to Dictionary.

  • D. Select Cancel.

Question 25

In which of these situations would you use the Freeze menu item in Microsoft Excel?

  • A. You want to prevent the contents of a single cell from being replaced .

  • B. You want to make an entire worksheet read-only.

  • C. Your worksheet has titles at the top of each column, and you want those titles to remain visible as you scroll.

  • D. You want to apply a blue theme with an "icy" appearance to the worksheet.

Question 26

When you enter =2+2 in a cell in your Excel worksheet, Excel treats it as a formula and displays 4. How can you make Excel display =2+2 in the cell instead?

  • A. Enter '=2+2 in the cell.

  • B. Enter "=2+2 in the cell.

  • C. Enter ?=2+2 in the cell.

  • D. Enter ==2+2 in the cell.

Question 27

You need to select every cell in your Excel worksheet. How can you do this?

  • A. Drag the mouse across all columns of the worksheet.

  • B. Click in the upper-left corner of the worksheet.

  • C. Click any cell in the worksheet and then click Ctrl+A.

  • D. Hold down the left mouse button and click any cell in the worksheet.

Question 28

Your Excel worksheet contains the value 5 in cell A1 and the value 4 in cell A2. You want cell A3 to hold the sum of the values in A1 and A2, even if new values are entered in those cells . What should you enter in cell A3?

  • A. 9

  • B. A1+A2

  • C. SUM(A1:A2)

  • D. =A1+A2

Question 29

A cell on your Excel worksheet displays ##### . What could be the problem?

  • A. The formula in the cell attempts division by zero.

  • B. Excel does not recognize a cell reference in the formula as being valid.

  • C. The cell attempts to add together two other cells containing letters rather than numbers .

  • D. The data is too wide for the cell to display.

Question 30

Which of these cell references refers to cell A5 and will still refer to cell A5 even if the reference is cut and pasted to another cell?

  • A. A5

  • B. A$5

  • C. $A5

  • D. $A$5

Question 31

Which cell reference refers to a rectangular range extending from cell B4 to cell D7?

  • A. B-D:4-7

  • B. B4:D7

  • C. B4:B7:D4:D7

  • D. B4D7

Question 32

You enter 12.455 in a cell and then click the Decrease Decimal toolbar button twice. What value is stored in the cell?

  • A. 12.4

  • B. 12.5

  • C. 12.455

  • D. 12.46

Question 33

What is the primary key in an Access database?

  • A. The field or fields that uniquely identify each record in each table.

  • B. The secret information that is used to decrypt encrypted information.

  • C. The first field in each table.

  • D. The information stored in the first row of each table.

Question 34

Which of these actions can you reverse with the Undo toolbar button in Microsoft Access?

  • A. Create a new table.

  • B. Edit data in a table.

  • C. Delete data in a table.

  • D. Delete an entire table.

Question 35

You have created an Access table with a single Text field. The field contains this data in three successive rows:

1, Four, 2

Now you go back into the table designer and change the Text field to a Number field. What data will the Number field contain?

  • A. 1, 4, 2

  • B. 1, Four, 2

  • C. 1, null, 2

  • D. 1, null, null

Question 36

Which Access object allows you to specify criteria to retrieve a limited subset of data (for example, all customers from Alaska)?

  • A. Table

  • B. Query

  • C. Form

  • D. Report

Question 37

Which Access objects allow you to view and edit existing data?

  • A. Table

  • B. Query

  • C. Form

  • D. Report

Question 38

You are creating an Access query to retrieve all records from the Employee table for employees whose salary is $40,000 or above. What criteria should you use?

  • A. Salary = 40000

  • B. Salary >= 40000

  • C. Salary > 40000

  • D. Salary < 40000

Question 39

Which objects can you use as the source of data for an Access report?

  • A. Table

  • B. Query

  • C. Form

  • D. Report

Question 40

Which Access objects allow you to summarize information to display, for example, the total of all line items on an invoice?

  • A. Table

  • B. Query

  • C. Form

  • D. Report

Question 41

How can you change the zoom factor of a PowerPoint presentation?

  • A. Select Zoom from the View menu.

  • B. Use the + and - keys on the numeric keypad.

  • C. Hold the Shift key and scroll the mouse wheel.

  • D. Hold the Ctrl key and scroll the mouse wheel.

Question 42

You are creating a PowerPoint presentation and want to add notes to your slides. Which views allow you to edit notes?

  • A. Normal view

  • B. Slide Sorter view

  • C. Outline view

  • D. Slide view

Question 43

You want to insert the slide number at the bottom of every slide in your PowerPoint presentation. What should you do?

  • A. Insert the slide number on the master slide.

  • B. Insert the slide number on the design template.

  • C. Insert the slide number in the slide footer.

  • D. Manually add the slide number to each slide.

Question 44

You have created a chart of sales data in your PowerPoint presentation. Now you want an identical chart in another PowerPoint presentation. What should you do?

  • A. Open the second presentation and recreate the chart by following the same steps you used in the first presentation.

  • B. Copy the chart from the first presentation and paste it in the second presentation.

  • C. Save the first presentation as a JPG image and then insert the image in the second presentation.

  • D. Use a screen capture program to capture the chart from the first presentation and paste it into the second presentation as an image.

Question 45

You are creating a PowerPoint presentation and want to have the title slide fade out and the next slide fade in. What should you use?

  • A. Master slide

  • B. Transition

  • C. Animation

  • D. Design template

Question 46

You have created a PowerPoint presentation with detailed financial information for the Board of Directors. You want to show selected slides from this presentation to an audience of managers as well. You might still need to edit figures on some of the slides. What should you do?

  • A. Hide the slides that are not appropriate for the managers and use the same presentation.

  • B. Make a copy of the presentation and then delete the slides you don't want from the copy.

  • C. Copy individual slides from the main presentation to a new presentation for the managers.

  • D. Print out the presentation and then photocopy the appropriate pages for the managers.

Question 47

In Slide Sorter view, one of your slides has an icon with a slash through it displayed beneath the slide. What does it mean?

  • A. The slide has an animation.

  • B. The slide has a transition.

  • C. The slide has been deleted.

  • D. The slide is hidden.

Question 48

You want to quickly type in slide titles and main bullet points to begin developing a PowerPoint presentation. Which PowerPoint view should you use?

  • A. Slide view

  • B. Outline view

  • C. Slide Sorter view

  • D. Slide Show view

Question 49

You visited a Web page yesterday that you'd like to revisit today. How can you most easily find this page?

  • A. Look in your browser's cache.

  • B. Use the History panel.

  • C. Use the Favorites panel.

  • D. Use a search engine.

Question 50

You have received an email message that you want to be sure you review later. What should you do?

  • A. Save the message as a text file.

  • B. Reply to the message.

  • C. Flag the message.

  • D. Forward the message to yourself.

Question 51

You have received an email message with an attachment. You don't recognize the sender of the message. What should you do?

  • A. Delete the message and the attachment.

  • B. Save the attachment to your hard drive.

  • C. Preview the message.

  • D. Open the attachment.

Question 52

Your boss wants you to send her a copy of a message that you're sending to a customer, but she doesn't want the customer to know. What's the easiest way to do this?

  • A. Add your boss's email address to the To: box.

  • B. Add your boss's email address to the cc: box.

  • C. Add your boss's email address to the bcc: box.

  • D. Create a new mail message to your boss and retype the message there.

Question 53

You need to send frequent email messages to a purchasing agent at another company. What should you do to make this easier?

  • A. Memorize the recipient's email address.

  • B. Save the recipient's email address in a text file.

  • C. Add the recipient's email address to your Outlook Express address book.

  • D. Write the recipient's email address on a sticky note on your monitor.

Question 54

What is a URL?

  • A. An email address

  • B. An identifier for a Web site

  • C. A clickable text on a Web page

  • D. An encryption standard

Question 55

Which of these indicate that a Web site is secure?

  • A. An address starting with http://

  • B. An address starting with https ://

  • C. A lock icon in the Internet Explorer status bar

  • D. A red background

Question 56

You have found a Web site that gives useful weather forecasts, and you want to be able to easily revisit it in the future. What should you do?

  • A. Save the Web page as a file on your hard drive.

  • B. Add the Web site to your browser history.

  • C. Add the Web site to your favorites.

  • D. Save the Web site address in a file.

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